Well, as the saying goes, as we grow, our vision and mission grows too! 

I’ve taken a fair amount of time recently to listen to my soul and work out how I can best serve my incredible community moving forward. Cue…. the creation of The Organised Beauty Boss Community. 

Here at The Beauty Boss VA, we take so much pride in our work and I always want it to be to an incredible standard, however the last couple of months, I have found it harder to keep on top of timelines. I always want to create the best possible work  and with our workload at capacity now, it’s just not possible to keep adding more work to my own or my teams schedule. So this has really made me dive deep and think about how I do things in my business and what I could do to help make it better for everyone. 

The Organised Beauty Boss Community is my brand new membership! 

As I have grown, I have also gained a really clear understanding of what is most needed to help and support clients. I want to be able to help as many #beautybosses as possible, and I can’t do that on a 1:1 basis. So I wrote down all the ways in which I feel the industry needs help and support, and I have created the most amazing program, that will be able to help more of you in a cost effective way. 

So what’s the membership going to be about? Well there’ll be ready to use templates and ‘done for you’ marketing toolkits, a Social Media Vault, LIVE monthly organisational tasks where we will spend 1 hour together, focusing on areas that will enable you to get sh!t done, and free up more time in your business and life! Monthly Self Care Club where you will receive a self care parcel or workshop to help you be the best version of you. Monthly guests and motivational workshops and SO much more! 

Not only is this membership here to help you with all the tasks we would normally do as a VA, but I want to help you to feel organised, productive and prepared for anything in your business. One of the key reasons I reached my 7 figure goal while I had my business, was because I took ownership of my own mental health, self care, mindset and learnt how to be organised in my business and life. I want to share all these tools with you and more!

The membership will be available for an incredible founding members price, which won’t be repeated. Being a founding member will give you the opportunity to receive some pretty EPIC bonuses and you’ll also get to help shape the program as we go. Check out more about what’s included in the Membership here

If you would like more info, DM me at @the_beautyboss_va on instagram or send me an email kara@thebeautybossva.com. I can’t wait for The Organised Beauty Boss Community to launch.